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As a part of their education, the students of the college are brought to a healthy citizenship training atmosphere. This is done through their participation in the Students’ Union where they are trained to manage their own affairs in accordance with the best tradition and norms of Democracy. Every admitted and registered regular student of the college is the member of students’ union and is entitled to be directly involved in the Executive and Games Committee’s activities, and of course for the greater interest of the academic and human affairs of the students.
The students’ Union has its own written constitution and all its activities are guided by its Principles and it is a non political entity.
Student’s affairs are managed by the Executive Committee & Games Committee. Members of these Committees as well as the General Secretary and Vice President of the Union and the Games Secretary of the Games Committee are directly elected by the students. Accordingly a general election of the Students’ Union is held every year after the fresh admission of the students and before the test examination of the out going students.
Sub Committees are formed thereafter. The Principal of the college being virtually the President of the Students’ Union delegates his power to one professor who functions as the President. In consultation with the college and the General Secretary of the Students’ Union, the Principal will appoint a President each for every Sub Committee and for Games Committee of the Students’ Union. As per rule, the Principal is the President of the Aid fund committee. He may appoint a professor to function as the Secretary of that committee.
The General Secretary of the Students’ Union is a member of the College Governing Body. It guarantees therefore, the involvement of the students in the college administration. The objective of the Students’ Union is, therefore to inculcate in the students the sense and spirit of accepting social and community responsibility, to develop in them a socio political – national personality.